The Cocktail in a Bag

Effortless perfection

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Easy to make

Our exclusive Lt. Blender’s Cocktails in a Bag® and Wine Freezers® are the easiest way to make fresh, delicious cocktails. No blending expertise, no special equipment, no shopping list required.

Portable and resealable

Once your have added liquor and water to the mix, our specially designed bags make it dead simple to store and carry your delicious cocktails.


Assembled with the finest ingredients

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Our all-natural cocktail and wine freezer recipes have been elaborated with great care and will win you accolades from your friends.


Quality, fresh ingredients preserved without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


A range of sugar-free recipes. Because pleasure and health are not exclusive.


Bar-quality cocktails


Be The Hero

Thanks to premium ingredients and authentic recipes expertly blended, enjoy a bar quality experience with no mess and no hassle.


Our cocktails in a bag are so quick and easy to make it's never been so fun to plan your next party or bbq. Instant success guaranteed.

How it works

The bag makes it so simple


Our delicious cocktail mixes come ready to use in a specially designed bag. Just add liquor and water.


No PhD in mixology required. Shake the bag for a homogeneous mixture. Nothing more.


Stow the cocktail bag in the freezer or cool box. Wait for it to cool down to perfection.


Squeeze, serve and enjoy! Prepare up to 16 standard cocktail servings in no time.

For The Health Conscious

All Natural

Lt. Blender's NASA-like freeze drying technology preserves fresh ingredients without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Each cocktail mix or wine freezer tastes just like a fresh juice, because it is!

Sugar Free

Our sugar-free cocktail recipes are among our top sellers. For a good reason: fresh, deliciously flavoured yet perfectly healthy.

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For Every Occasion

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our cocktail bags. Bring bar quality cocktails to your bbqs, pool parties, beach parties, picnics, girls nights, bridal parties and more.

Sized for the whole party

Our generously sized cocktail packs are available in two sizes for 8 and 16 individual servings.


Rely on our expertise. Enjoy the simplicity and practicality. Be the hero.